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Top Trading Card Game Player - Deckbuilder - remote worldwide or onsite Sydney TCG


Conkerberry Pty Ltd

£0 - £0 Per Annum

Sydney, Australia


eSports,Games and Level Design,QA and Localisation




Mid-Senior Level

Permanent | Full Time


Top TCG player with deckbuilding expertise

Venture-backed startup, leading the revolution by creating epic digital experiences on block chain technology.

AAA quality Trading Card Game where the players have full control of their cards

Small but exceptional team of designers, engineers, artists and growth hackers, proving that big studio budgets are not required.


Role highlights

You are a proven pro of HS, MTG, Shadowverse, or Eternal. Not only are you a great player, you are a proven deck builder. You are one of the first to spot powerful 4-card combos or new deck archetypes before they become a thing. Success in limited formats would also be a good indication of your capabilities. Perhaps you have a blog and stream from time to time. BUT you haven’t been able to consistently monetise your skills. Well have we got the role for you!

We need a balance designer with a deep understanding of TCG mechanics to analyse and balance future seasons of our game. You will be overseeing the balance process from concept through testing, review and meta-tracking. This is a super critical role because we want Gods Unchained to become the next big eSport (and super fun to play of course).

So what does your day to day look like? Playing our game - we need somebody with your capabilities testing and analysing before release. You will be working closely with the initial design team, educating them on how new concepts will impact the meta and even brainstorming new ones yourself. You will be forming hypotheses and then testing them: either through feedback from players or by going and crunching the analytics yourself. So knowing your way around an excel spreadsheet is a must.


In the first 90 days you will balance Season 1 through

· Competitive testing

· Analyse player feedback and gameplay data

· Report on diversity (by Archetype) and meta-tracking (by Deck)


Who you are

Satisfied with the status-quo? Pass. Want somebody telling you what to do? Look elsewhere. Curious and driven? Let’s talk.

No matter what role you are applying for, there are a common set of values we need to achieve our vision. If the following traits reflect you, and the people you want to work with, you're likely to thrive here.


Willing to learn

You learn rapidly and eagerly

You have a growth mindset; you believe you can improve your intelligence, ability and performance

You admit mistakes freely and absorb feedback

You are continually seeking ways to improve and understand the power of compounding

You are a scientist; using data and experiments to learn more about the world

You are not afraid to ask for help

You can identify when to course correct through self-examination



You say what you think and suggest alternatives, even if it is uncomfortable

You listen with an open mind and judge based on reasons, not bias

You have tstrong views , loosely held

You seek alternative perspectives

You challenge the status quo and prevailing assumptions

You can think from first-principles



You have intense self-belief and are willing to back yourself

You strive for excellence

You find joy and satisfaction in doing your best

You believe that hard work is a necessary ingredient to success

You are ruthlessly output focused

You take ownership and pride in what you deliver

You are a definite optimist


Team player

You seek what is best for the team, not your ego

You share your experience and knowledge with the team

You help others achieve their best

You collaborate effectively

You can contribute outside of your speciality

You communicate clearly and concisely

You are inclusive and thoughtful when interacting with others

You invest in improving our processes, values and culture


For more information on the studio or to apply please contact me anytime,


Conkerberry Recruitment for Games


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