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StarDust, The Digital Testing Company

Pôle Média de la Belle de Mai Marseille
Guillaume Gimbert
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Quality Assurance is an integral part of any successful digital project. Whether you are building a website, a mobile application or an email template, a thorough QA process will protect the value of your brand and guaranty the success of your product.

With the continuing evolution of Operating Systems, web browsers, and mobile devices on which your digital presence will be viewed, it is essential to deliver an optimal and bug-free experience to your visitors. Every mistake that goes live leads to a decreased customer experience, and there are very few second chances to win back customer confidence.

With a proven track record for delivering testing services to both major brands & digital agencies, by testing and certifying your digital products, StarDust provides an objective measurement of their quality, making sure they comply with current technical web & mobile standards and meet functional requirements.

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