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Perfect World Inc.

1001 East Hillsdale Boulevard
Suite 800
Foster City
United States of America (USA)
CA 94404
Recruitment Team
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Perfect World Entertainment Inc. (PWE) is a fast growing online game company located in Foster City, California. The company started its business publishing MMORPG games developed by its parent company, Perfect World Co. Ltd. (NASDAQ: PWRD), in 2008, and then expanded quickly to include western-style games by partnering with 3rd parties. The goal of the company is to provide North American and European users with highly polished AAA quality games and exceptional customer service. The culture of the company facilitates the “can do” attitude, teamwork environment, “work hard & play hard” lifestyle, as well as rewarding incentives. In 2011, PWE acquired and merged with Cryptic Studios, a leading online game developer that developed and published “Champions Online” and “Star Trek Online” games. The next objective of PWE is to work closely with Cryptic Studios and 3rd party developers to bring awesome games with varieties of genres to our users. Please visit “” and “” for more details on the company and its games respectively.

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