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It's not easy building the world's best digital playground. It's hair-standing-up-on-end-exhilarating. It's down-in-the-trenches-challenging. It's stroke-of-brilliance-at-midnight creative. It's you-taking risks, challenging yourself, pursuing ideas, changing the way millions of people do something they love: Play.

We're EA - we've been making games for decades but you wouldn't know that walking through our studios. We're still buzzing with the same innovative spirit we began with, though we've learned enough to earn our rank as a leading developer, publisher and distributor of the world's best games. What began as a small group of people determined to "put real life in a box" has become a 8,000-people strong, worldwide organization delivering on that very dream. If you've played The Sims 3 lately, you know exactly what we mean. And if you've played Battlefield 3, maybe you'd say that we've done real life one better.

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