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General Peron 949 - 6th Floor C1038AAS
Buenos Aires
Nicolas Hirschhorn
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5CA is an expert in multilingual customer services and customer support. We provide companies with the opportunity to outsource their customer services such as call center services, community management and e-mail services. Companies can leverage 5CA’s existing infrastructure, which provides high quality customer services, 24/7 coverage and customer support in 20 different languages.

5CA fully understands the complexity of doing business in today’s global market. Selling your products all over the world is one thing, but customers still want to receive the best customer support, through their channel of choice, in their own language. Since the foundation of our company we have always focused on providing multilingual services on all the different customer contact channels, from calls to e-mails, chat and social media support.

We strive to offer uniform customer treatment, regardless of the contact point chosen by the customer. We provide both the technology and the people to give the customer the best possible contact experience. Our goal is to ensure that both our clients and their consumers receive an excellent service on the channel(s) of their preference.

We specialize in technical support and customer care services. 5CA is a major player in different industries including consumer electronics, gaming, healthcare and connectivity.

For our international contact center, 5CA is looking for Customer Service Agents with English, Danish, French & Russian language skills to provide support for various well-known gaming- and technology companies.

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