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Games Jobs Direct are WFH: Week 4

16 Apr 2020

Games Jobs Direct are WFH: Week 4

GJD are WFH: Week 4

Hello again from the Games Jobs Direct Team!

It's coming up to the end of the first full month of working from home for the team. Abbie, Jamie and David are still working hard from their home set-ups and are incredibly lucky to be able to keep working while the world is in a bit of turmoil.

We've updated our COVID-19 article again with a couple more updates from studios that are still hiring people remotely! You can find those updates here.

If you're a games studio that's still hiring, we are still here to help!

This week we asked the Games Jobs Direct Team what they couldn't do without during lockdown. What is helping them stay home, and stay safe?

David Heath - Marketing Assistant

@DavidHeath95 -

We've already seen how much Animal Crossing has been helping Dave get through the week outside of work. His Switch (a recent lockdown purchase) has been getting plenty of use and his island is putting Abbie's to shame. 

Gaming has been a lifesaver during this lockdown for many, and the GJD team is no exception. Dave has also been playing Control, Modern Warfare, UFC and Star Wars Battlefront, "and I've also just redownloaded GTA 5 to play with my mates this weekend!" 

Dave has also been keen on keeping up talking to peeps even though we can't see each other every day.

And the number one thing he's missing? KFC.

Jamie Clarke - Sales Manager

@GamesJobsJamie -

Lockdown has actually been a bit of a positive for Jamie. "I'm saving money, I get to work in my own environment and being able to sit and have lunch with my family every day means I've been able to see loads more of them."

Chatting to people from all over the world for Games Jobs Direct is also an added plus. Being able to work flexibly means time-differences are no longer an issue!

"The first thing I want to do when this lockdown is over is to go on a night out with my wife." says Jamie, "and the number one thing I'm missing is just being able to go out for tea or meet up with my mates for a BBQ, even just going to the supermarket normally."

"Other than that, everything has been great!"


Abbie Dickinson - Marketing Manager

@PirateAbbie -

Gaming is also a massive thing for Abbie during the lockdown. "I do feel sorry for people who don't have a hobby like gaming or reading because being inside right now without those distractions must be really difficult."

After playing The Witcher 3 twice, Abbie has decided to pick up Witcher 2, and is slowly working her way through that. She's also still plodding along through Outer Worlds and is completely stuck on Borderlands 3 at the moment (any pointers on how to kill the big purple guys with the tiny heads - please get in touch!)

She's also a very keen reader and has been working her way through a lot more books! "We live in a flat, so we don't really have a garden, but sitting in some of the sunshine and reading a great book is such a good way to spend an afternoon."

Abbie thoroughly recommends Circe by Madeline Miller which she completed last weekend.

We hope everyone is keeping safe and we'll have another update next week!

From the Games Jobs Direct Team x

Keep Calm and waka waka...