What’s the story with GamesJobsDirect.com? How did it come about?

You asked, so here goes….

James Squires wanted to branch into games recruitment back in the beginning of 2011 and hired a guy called Mick Hobson (formerly Aardvark Swift) to help him launch a division which later became Gravity Recruitment.

He needed to promote the new business and attract candidates so he looked at what job advertising options were available and being a thrifty (tight) Yorkshireman, he was not best pleased with what he found, i.e. excessive pricing and limited choice. Oh dear!

As someone who previously owned a job board development company he felt the job could be done better and cheaper, as it is in other niche markets. 

He decided to put the idea to a few people in the industry and the bottom line was that people wanted more choice and better value. Studios wanted to use recruitment agencies for some roles and direct advertising for others as well as social media, networking etc. They were under pressure to reduce their cost-per-hire.

It looked like an opportunity to fill a gap. James decided to create a job board for the games industry that would change the status quo. He invited other operators in the industry to work with him on the project but was not able to drum up enough support initially due to his lack of charm so he did it on his own. That’s how it all got started.

The job board is an independent company and is accessible to all within the industry – giving equal billing to large studios, indie developers and recruiters. It was launched in July 2011 and a few people tried to poo poo the idea initially (no hard feelings guys) but we pulled through and by the end of January 2012 we’d exceeded 100,000 visits and earned a flood of testimonials from our clients….it's a good start, but we're on a mission and this is just the beginning.


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