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Art and Animation
Flatter Than Earth, Inc.
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Want to be a part of an indie team bound for success ?

Once Upon a Puppet is an award winning 2.5D puzzle-platforming game set for release on PC and consoles. It features a mysterious puppet world, a stimulating combination of puzzle-solving and platforming and a beautiful turn of the century theatrical art style.

This is an opportunity for you to help us continue on what has been established so far and imagine the fitting & exciting possibilities beyond.

Who are we looking for ? 

We are looking for a talented 2nd Concept Artist who can immersive her/himself into the look and feel of our game. You would be responsible for creating concept art for environments, props and characters that are of exceptional quality and match our already established art style.

We are proud of the art we have made so far and are very much looking forward to visualizing the whole experience in the upcoming months. Come join our small team so that we can together bring puppets back to life for a new audience to enjoy!

PAX West 2017

In September 2017 we were chosen and offered a front row location at PAX West 2017.  A video of the playable demo showcased at the conference over the course of the 4 days can be seen by following the link below.

Note: Mechanics shown in video are from 2017. Current 2018 mechanics have gone through incremental `after PAX` improvements.

Once Upon a Puppet - PAX VIDEO LINK

-------------------- Art Test --------------------

In order to understand how well you might fit into our art team, we would like each applicant, that is serious about joining us, to do an art test. 

// After reviewing our PAX demo video and checking our illustration seen here (LINK), please create an example of the following:

 #1 Environment & Props Art - Imagine a theatrical area/stage (medium size environment) that was used for a theatrical play but then disassembled and stored backstage.

  • You are to present 2.5D backstage environment with props being stored for later use. Imagine that in this world, there are many theaters with many themes and many different plays. Hence, the backstage is almost infinite in its size and is used to store props & sets for late use when needed.

  • Please remember that this is for a sidescroller game, camera show the player from a side view, movement from left to right. However the path of the player can curve.

  • Frame it in a 16:9 ratio or longer/wider.

  • How would this look ? What props would this small area consist of ? What theme would the individual props share ? What is the composition and lighting ?

#2 Character Art - Imagine our main character puppet is wearing a costume. 

  • Draw two costumes
    • 1st must be a clown costume/accessories
    • 2nd can be of your choice. Surprise us but make it fit the style and feel of the game
    • ¾ view is preferred. Try to copy our puppet as best you can

// Here is what we would like to see with your submission:

  • Environment Concept:
    • Design 3 props

      • show us iterations and the evolution of the designs (line art with grayscale)
    • Render fully 1 of those props
    • HIGH BONUS: Fully design a segment of the sidescroller environment, showcasing these props as part of it
  • Character Concept:
    • Design & iterate on 2 puppet costumes
    • Render fully 1 of those costumes

// Final Clarification:

  • The focus of this test is on the design first and foremost. Show us your designs skills and how you iterate on ideas. 
  • Grayscale is an important part since it will help us understand the depth of and layering/overlaps. Semi-quick/rough grayscale is ok but ! make sure it communicates everything well. Do not confuse us, make us understand everything that should be understood.
  • Full color rendering is important but time consuming thus we prefer to limit it as best we can & use methods that save time but still fully & precisely inform the 3D texture artist on how it should look & feel. Impress us with your rendering skills first, cleverness of methods & shortcuts 2nd.
-------------------- End of  Art Test --------------------

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Create, discuss and provide input on new and existing concept art
  • Spend 70% of your time on environments, prop design and level paint-overs. 30% on characters and/or storyboards
  • Must learn what makes our art style special, think how to emphasize the themes and maintain a coherency on all levels
  • Discuss and visualize ideas that support the level design and the visual narrative/story
  • Sketch ideas/designs, iterate until the nuances of the art style are captured
  • Review 3D art. Do helpful paint-overs where necessary
  • Create storyboards based on story drafts
  • Work with motion graphic artist to deliver 2D cut-scenes
  • Design and/or render GUI designs if necessary
  • Discuss and communicate your artwork in a clear and detailed manner
  • Collaborate with team members that are art bound
  • Be an active part of daily stand-up meetings and planning ahead

Required Skills & Experience

  • Portfolio that shows strong art theory background and execution
  • 1.5+ year of professional game development experience in a Concept Art position
  • Ability to match an art style and expand upon it
  • Capable in all aspects of concept art (good understanding of architecture constructs, perspective etc. etc.)
  • Have an open and very creative mind. Be sensitive to the nuances of our art style
  • Great at sketching new ideas
  • Strong storyboard skills
  • Exemplary Photoshop skills
  • Be a self-motivated self-starter that can analyze his/her duties
  • Very Good English (verbal and written)

Nice To Have

  • Lighting skills (photography etc etc.)
  • Paint textures from scratch and/or adjust existing ones (substance painter)
  • UI skills
  • Can use 3D software to their advantage
  • Zbrush Sculpting skills
  • Knowledge of motion graphics software

Additional Important Info

  • Job Type: Part/Full-time (minimum 24h per week) 
  • We are looking for candidates that can start immediately, between  June 18th-22nd
  • Freelance Contract / Duration 6-9 months
  • Salary: Dependent on knowledge, skill, experience level and location
  • Remote work is preferred 
  • Candidate must overlap 50% of his working hours with our 9am-6pm EST/EDT time zone
  • Job Type: Contract
How to Apply
  • We're looking for the first submissions to arrive around June 12th and cannot accept them beyond June 18. Applicants that submit early will be prioritized.
  • After reading the art test/job post, kindly send an email TO with SUBJECT
    • TO:
    • SUBJECT: ArtTest_Your Full Name_Country-CityYouLiveIn  (Example: ArtTest_Arnold Schwarzenegger_USA-San Francisco)
    • In this email please tell us the estimated time and day we should expect your submission, this will allow us to prepare and schedule ourselves to review your art work.
      • Also include Resume and Portfolio link.
  • Once Art test is completed:
    • Attach art files to the introductory/time estimate email you already sent us & hit send.
    • Attach Cover Letter.
    • If you did an excellent job that works well for our game then expect a reply from us shortly after (1-2 days).
About the Company

Flatter Than Earth is an independent game development studio working on an original IP. We are devoted to creating fun immersive fairy-tale like worlds that have gameplay to match. We’re a small cross-functional team, thus everyone that is part of us has opportunities to provide feedback and unleash their creativity. 

Our current project, Once Upon a Puppet aims to capture the attention and unleash the imagination of gamers of all ages. We work in Unity, and we plan to launch on Steam and Consoles Q3 2019.

Contact Details:
Flatter Than Earth, Inc.
Tel: -
Contact: Martin Malek

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