Game Economy Designer - mobile F2P - sunny Australia

• Well known studio opened in 2014 - successful recent title published & new project green lit
• 35+ staff & expanding extra 21 staff
• F2P mobile games with monetization
• Visa sponsorship & relocation provided for most senior candidates (5yrs+ games)
* Great climate year round, short drive to Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast beaches

Job Description
As a Game Economy Designer, your responsibility is to understand how a game works as a service for its customers and how the customers behave in it. You will be identifying and developing the purchase drivers in the game economy context, and providing constant data-driven recommendations on design, tuning and pricing in order to improve game financial performance.

To do this, pre-release, you will be designing the virtual products a game will offer, define metrics that allow you to individually measure their impact in a given title, and work closely with the development team to see those designs refined and metrics implemented.
Once the game is launched, you will analyse the collected data and report which are the performing/underperforming aspects of the game economic model and why, providing solutions to the development team.

Day-to-day duties include:
• Defining the virtual products and their statistics with the development team, and understanding how each of them contributes to the game dynamics.
• Identifying the potential sale drivers for the different product categories in the game economy, defining the key points of exposure for those drivers.
• Balancing the needs for those virtual products, their relation, life cycle, and their streams of availability.
• Managing pricing as to create specific price point roles, implement selling strategies for higher price points.
• Regularly provide user feedback and stat/price point tuning to development team based on play-testing, both during game development and post-release.
• Analyse the evolution of the metrics you defined to spot monetization bottlenecks and facilitators, then report suggestions for the game design or strategy accordingly.
• Strong sensitivity to gameplay and game design, understanding how to build needs and emotions in the context of a game.
• Strong analytical and formal thinking, able to break problems down in their key variables and identify the relations between them.
• Strong econometrics skills, able to model problems into quantitative systems, and draw qualitative conclusions out of quantitative data.
• Strong marketing knowledge, able to formulate adequate selling strategies to improve the financial performance.
• Statistics knowledge, able to formulate ratios and indexes specific to each game, identifying specific weaknesses and strengths in its economy design.
• Understanding of client/server architecture and data collecting pipeline and mining.

• Previous experience as a game designer, social designer or gambling designer;
• Previous experience in econometrics/data mining;
• Experience in community managing, marketing, or product management.

Additionally, you will identify with the following:
• Video game enthusiast
• Knowledgeable in contemporary media (web, games, comics, film, animation etc)
• Open minded and outward focussed
• Good critical sense
• Organised and efficient
• Able to work unsupervised and/or under pressure

For more information or to apply please contact me anytime.
Conkerberry Recruitment for Games Sydney Australia.
+61 427 690 971

Contact Details:
Conkerberry Pty Ltd
Tel: +61 2 9267 5714
Contact: Bronwynn Lusted

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