Intermediate to Senior Area Designer

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Games and Level Design
Obsidian Entertainment
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Obsidian is looking for some enthusiastic intern to senior-level designers to join our Pillars of Eternity team.

For this project, level design refers primarily to blocking out environments, setting up encounters and player interactions and scripting events in the Unity editor. Your responsibilities will fluctuate with the demands of the project, and your experience level, so we are looking for adaptable candidates that can work on multiple aspects of level creation. Additional responsibilities may include secondary area documentation, basic dialogue creation and design tool testing.

Applicants should be ready to provide samples of their level design work and/or take an Area Design test upon request.

Familiarity with Unity
Basic scripting familiarity
Excellent communication skills
Able to adhere to tight schedules
Love of computer and console party-based role-playing games
Skilled with Microsoft Office, bug tracking and source control software

Design/Implement game content - quests, NPCs, items, combat
Create and maintain game design documentation
Communicate design requirements with teammates
Playtest content throughout production and provide constructive feedback

Working knowledge of the RPG systems used in Pillars of Eternity
Working knowledge of the lore and setting of Pillars of Eternity
Strong creative writing skills
Experience creating and implementing quest/level content on a shipped PC/Console RPG title
Pen & Paper RPG design experience (professional or recreational)
Strong CRPG knowledge of past titles - both old and new
Previous experience working with an isometric camera
Strong blockout/graybox level design skills

Contact Details:
Obsidian Entertainment
Tel: 949-379-3300
Contact: Jim Rivers

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