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"We've been very pleased with the number of responses we've received, and have a number of potential candidates off the back of it. So thanks! We'll definitely post on GamesJobsDirect again."
Lottie Bevan
Failbetter Games
"It’s been a pleasure to work with you and your team. We’ve experienced a far greater response to our ads on GamesJobsDirect.com then we anticipated and we are delighted with the results. In fact, we have so many qualified candidates that we are considering increasing our team with the addition of more than one person for the various roles we were seeking to fill. We will definitely use your site (and service) for future job needs. Thanks for all of your help. You guys definitely exceeded our expectations!"
Keith Warner, President & CFO
New World Interactive LLC
“After struggling to recruit using other websites and often recruitment agents at great expense we gave GamesJobsDirect a go and had amazing results. The site is very cost effective and obviously has a high amount of traffic as we had a lot of applicants. Louise at GamesJobsDirect was very helpful and gave us extra promotion which really made filling many roles very easy. GamesJobsDirect will be our first port of call when we need to recruit again”.
Joel Kemp, Co-Founder
Lockwood Publishing Ltd
"GamesJobsDirect is one of our go-to sites for advertising our roles. The level of customer service we've received has been fantastic, with a dedicated account manager committed to helping our adverts perform as well as possible. Best of all, it isn't bogged down by tons of roles from recruitment agencies, like so many other job sites!"
Tom Leather, Operations Manager
Feral Interactive
“Gamesjobsdirect.com is an excellent platform for gaming companies that are scaling up rapidly and internationally. We love the convenience of getting the word out to the people who care the most about our positions and connecting with new talent while retaining the critical information on our ATS. Excellent customer assistance is a huge plus too.”
Emre Tuncbilek, Chief People and Culture Officer
Gram Games
“We've advertised our positions on quite a few UK based job boards, including large generic, general development, and other gaming specific boards and GamesJobsDirect always deliver the highest quality candidates by far! The team are very helpful with getting everything setup and making the ad look good to get some great applicants as quick as possible! Thanks!”
Liam McGinley, Co-founder & CTO
Wibbu Ltd
“I would recommend using Games Job Direct to all games companies, its ease of use, variety of skilled candidates and helpful staff mean it consistently supports our hiring efforts and has become an invaluable tool.”
Matt Hood, Senior Talent Acquisition Manager
“GamesJobsDirect has been an invaluable resource when scaling up for our new IP. Our account manager was super responsive and always helpful. A great service all round…”
Simon Bennett, Director
“Six months searching and dealing with agencies before I found GamesJobsDirect.com. Four weeks later the site sent me the perfect candidate and he starts next month. World class candidate, first class jobs site.”
Paul Healy, CEO
“It's amazing how many applications we've received through www.gamesjobsdirect.com, after we published our jobs there for the first time. This portal is an excellent tool for us to hire top employees from all over the world and to show them the great job opportunities Goodgame Studios provides here in Hamburg.”
Hendrik Mainka, Head of Human Resources
Goodgame Studios
“GamesJobsDirect helped us secure our first programmer! We posted on their website and got many applications from developers across the world. A great service from James and the team, highly recommended for start ups!”
Andrew Deegan, Founder
Sugra Games
“Games Jobs Direct has been an invaluable tool for InnoGames, allowing us to find a wide variety of professionals that specialize specifically in the games industry. The international scope of the candidate selection is very helpful in building our global team.”
Wiebke Burrichter, HR Marketing Manager
“Games Jobs Direct has made a positive impact on my recruiting efforts. The site is easy to use and navigate but more importantly the candidates generated are qualified and have industry experience! Additionally, the staff at Games Job Direct are amazing and extremely helpful. This site has made filling positions a much easier process. Highly recommended to all.”
Diana MacFarlane, HR Specialist/Recruiter
Perfect World Entertainment
“GamesJobsDirect have been nothing but fast and efficient in helping us source our candidates. With recruitment working at such a fast pace we have noticed the impact GamesJobsDirect has been able to have, reaching a wide range of prospective applicants. We hope to be able to continue our relationship with them as we expand and grow our Company!”
Faye Ayley, HR Administrator
Dovetail Games
“Gamesjobsdirect.com has been a great site for us to advertise our open job positions. We have received many applications in a short amount of time. Very good support from Chris Hitchens and his team. They have been really quick in setting it up for us, always helpful.”
Johanna Jeppsson, Talent Acquisition
“We really like the site, and we are noticing that it is extremely helpful filling our positions in Iceland (which is not an easy task!).”
Scarlet Dangerfield, HR Manager
CCP Games
“As a new game company, we are extremely pleased with GamesJobsDirect.com 's performance in introducing us to high profile candidates in the online/mobile games industry. We know that we will get high quality leads as we post a job to their website.”
Kasim Zorlu, Marketing & Business Development Director
Stitch Games
“Finding the right person to join a small team can be incredibly difficult, as they will always have such a direct impact on the studio as a whole. Games Jobs Direct gave us a vast breadth of high-quality candidates needed to find the perfect addition.”
Cian Roche, Creative Director
Stitch Games
“Great site and very easy to use. GamesJobsDirect.com successfully merges talent, job openings, and industry news in an organized and easy to view website. The customer service is excellent and I definitely recommend this site to others in the industry.”
Erica Haack, HR Generalist/Recruiter
Volition Inc.
"We have utilized your site for sourcing/recruiting solid candidates in the games industry. We have connected with numerous applicants which match our needs and requirements. Your site is easy to navigate and post jobs. You and your team have always been readily available to answer questions and proactively provide information. Your site has proven to be a valuable tool for our recruitment needs and we will continue to utilize GamesJobsDirect.com as our Studio continues to grow. Thanks a lot for your support and your continued dedication to helping us with recruitment!"
Jeff Piilo, Recruiter
Gameloft - Toronto
“Amazing site! We couldn't find a level designer anywhere on the net, just basic forums. When I found this site, the responses we got were exactly what we were looking for. Thanks :)”
Waleed Hakim, Director
Mee Studios
“The site has already helped us a lot with our employer branding and to reach out to a wide range of potential candidates. We have also received a good number of applications and will certainly continue using the service.”
Andrea Hartenfeller, HR Manager
“Great site to direct traffic and candidates to our open vacancies in the Game Development field. They were really quick in setting it all up for us and meet with our expectations. Good service so far!”
Riem Halawani, International Corporate Recruiter
Spil Games
"Games Job Direct is a great new and fast-developing website that has huge potential. I appreciate the clean, user-friendly layout and look. And we have been receiving a steady flow of applications from the site so far. Client service and follow-ups have also been excellent."
Zian Ismail, HR & Admin (Redsteam Creative Studio)
Gameloft - Singapore
"GamesJobsDirect has been a very useful tool for us, since it has brought loads of international skilled candidates! Easy to use, very good coverage and attracting for both candidates and companies! We are really pleased with GamesJobsDirect!"
Johanna Janger, Office Manager
Digital Chocolate
"Perfect for just Games people. Quality skilled candidates respond to the job ads, easy to use & excellent CV database!"
Bronwynn Lusted, Owner
Conkerberry Pty Ltd
“Level 99 and its staff were early adopters of Games Jobs Direct and we have found it to be a useful tool that regularly improves with user feedback without affecting usability. Its growing CV database and number of relevant unique users has been invaluable to us. The quality of candidates increases week on week and the relevance percentage per campaign is extremely high for an established job board let alone a fledgling one.

The ongoing technical innovations and account support at Games Jobs Direct means it is fast becoming one of our key sourcing tools. With the growth of their board and the dedication they have to service improvements I’m sure it won’t be long before Games Jobs Direct are the top service for jobs in the games industry.”
Daniel Cowan, Co-Founder
Level 99
"STR have been successfully supplying to top Gaming Studios across the UK and abroad long term, it is a big commitment and requires a constant quality pool of candidates. STR signed up for Games Jobs Direct in 2011 and have found the site to be a valuable tool, providing a plethora of talented candidates. Since advertising on Games Jobs Direct the response to our advertised roles has been excellent, and is providing more selection each week.

The updates and maintained services to the site allow for easy navigation, great eye-catching graphics and I would recommend Games Jobs Direct to candidates or companies in future. Keep up the good work for a bright 2012! Thanks to James and his team"
Charlene Jacques, Consultant
STR Group
"Games Jobs Direct is a great opportunity to advertise our vacancies to potential candidates. Everything is set up very quickly and you get a fast response from applicants. Good site and service. Thanks."
Sebastian Faul, HR-Manager
Spellbound Entertainment AG
"Games Job Direct provides great service and an excellent site. Matchmove Games was one of the early recruiters on GamesJobsDirect.com and has since witnessed the growth of other advertisers. The team is very professional and I believe Games Jobs Direct will be one of the top sites for recruiters and job seekers. Thank you!"
Nichola Poon, HR & Admin Manager
Matchmove Games
"Great new site to post game industry positions on. Customer service is exceptional – always quick to respond, kind and extremely helpful. We’ll be continuing to use GamesJobsDirect! Thanks for all of your help"
Andrea Glinski, HR Manager
ZeniMax Media Inc.
"Great site and very easy to use. Great way to establish your company's branding as well. Nice job GamesJobsDirect ...and don't forget to check out NamesinGames as well."
Howard Taule, CFO
Game Recruiter
"A great platform to post industry-related job openings and generate traffic to our careers page. Definitely heads up for the user interface and customer service!"
Inga Driksne, HR/Recruitment
Hitfox Group
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