I’ve heard this site is linked to a recruitment agency, is this true?

Oh no, not a recruitment agency, heaven forbid! 


The site is owned by James Squires - a humble entrepreneur with a variety of interests. One of the companies he owns is Gravity Recruitment. He also owns Purple Penguin Media, NamesinGames, Yoko Media and Velocity Search in the US.

“Hang on, if he owns GamesJobsDirect.com and he owns Gravity Recruitment won’t he steal my applicants and pass them on to Gravity Recruitment”

Err, no he wouldn’t. That would be dumb. We are not in the business of being dumb. Clients don’t say nice stuff like this if you nick their applicants do they now? Of course not.

If the site works and the service is excellent, who cares who owns it?

Try us and judge for yourself! 

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