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Senior 3D Artist - REMOTE FREELANCE Sept start - super realistic real time Unreal Engine Maya characters


Conkerberry Pty Ltd

$negotiable on level of experience

New Zealand, New Zealand

New Zealand

Art and Animation



Mid-Senior Level

Permanent | Full Time



Full time Senior 3D Artist super realistic digital humans for real time characters textures shaders in Unreal Engine using Maya.

Can be based anywhere in the world. Work in team of 2 other artists.

Must have great portfolio of similar work.

Starting September 2020.


  • 3D Scanning, data merging, animation, rigging, graphics, maps, AI, Machine Learning
  • Game cinematic/ film quality realistic human faces, optimized rendering for server storage savings
  • Unreal Engine, C++, Python, Maya based
  • Salary at market rate or above
  • Flexitime



Character Artist

Can be done remotely from anywhere in the world. (2 others Character Artists in the UK & EU)

September start approx.


The Character Artist specialises in the look development of digital humans. They may work on non-human characters from time to time, but they will predominantly be specialised around digital humans. They will take on responsibilities such as:


  • Create textures and/or refine textures sourced from scans or a generated process
  • Development and improvement of realistic looking materials in engine - especially those for digital humans such as skin, hair and eyes
  • Create 3d assets such as hair, clothing, accessories
  • Sculpt and shape digital human faces to meet customer brief
  • Work with other artists, animators, engineers and tech artists to improve the production pipeline
  • Explore and experiment with the latest techniques in field of expertise - e.g. real time raytracing or new shading techniques
  • Self managing to complete assigned work, including taking initiative in activities such as looking for reference material or sourcing textures
  • Participate in team processes and promote the ongoing improvement of these processes
  • Provide feedback and advice in the look development of a digital human
  • Setup scenes and lighting to fit customer brief
  • Collaborate with animators in the improvement of the look of the digital human whilst animated - e.g. modifying blendshapes or materials.


  • General competencies that will help you
  • Attention to detail
  • Commitment to high quality
  • Ability to self manage and work autonomously
  • Creativity
  • Hunger for learning and improvement
  • Collaborative and strong communication
  • Desire to be of service to others
  • Desire to collaborate and share knowledge

Specific capabilities that will be necessary

  • Proficiency with industry tools for both 3D and 2D art. E.g. Photoshop, UE4, ZBrush, Maya etc
  • Real time rendering  (rather than offline) using Unreal Engine or similar
  • High level of experience working on digital human characters
  • Exceptional understanding of human anatomy
  • High level of expertise in materials and texture map creation/refinement
  • Knowledge of current trends and technology in the field of digital humans
  • Understanding of ethnicities and what differs in physical features between ethnicities
  • Ability to produce concept art (can be photoshop mockups) of digital humans is a bonus


Please contact me for full details. 


Bronwynn Lusted

Conkerberry Recruitment for  Games - Australia & NZ


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