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Marketing Manager Expiring soon


Evil Empire


Bordeaux, France






Mid-Senior Level

Permanent | Full Time


Evil Empire is looking for a full time native English speaking Bullshit Artist*.


We’re the pointy part of the team behind the indie smash hit Dead Cells and we’re fleshing out our own studio to continue full time production on Dead Cells and our own IP.

You’ll be responsible for the day to day marketing and communication of Dead Cells. With the releases and most of the heavy lifting behind us you’ll be responsible for liveops and creating analytically sound customer acquisition, engagement and retention strategies.

If you’re the type of person that spends ridiculous amounts of time on the internet, reading articles, following games or creating excel spreadsheets to work out the LTV of your player base, then we want you.

You’ll need to be a native English speaker, so someone who grew up with English speaking parents or in an English speaking country. We need you to be handy with a pen, we’re after some Oscar Wilde level wordplay here (at least better than me, dear god). You’ll be wanting to have ticked off at least a bachelor’s degree, with preferential treatment for those mad enough to have followed up with a masters. Industry experience in a similar post is obviously a plus, but not mandatory, passion for games is.

A rare combination of analytical skills and artistic critique are what we’re really looking for. We want to hear the hacksaw cutting a hole under our feet when you’re taking apart our arguments and we want you to have the mathematical ability to back up your bluster with some figures.

Now having said all of that, you’ll also be spending a decent amount of time interacting with a particular type of human, “the influencer”. There’s a brave new world out there, it’s called “Twitch”, and we need you to represent us to the denizens of this terrifying new space, with a smile on your face, rather than a grimace of horror.

So if you've got the type of outsized ego that will allow you to throw your hat in the ring after reading all of this, please do reach out to us. We’re taking CVs and a cover letter to go with it, explaining why you’re the one.


So we’re looking for:

  • Native English speaker, i.e. you didn’t “learn” Ingrish, you’ve just always spoken it.

  • Bachelor’s degree in something (Master’s preferred).

  • Keen analytical skills. The ability to work out why a game is shit and defend your argument.

  • Mathematical acumen: You don’t need a Fields Medal, but you do need to know your way around Excel. I may ask you to work up a regression model for LTV. Just sayin’.

  • If you know what LTV, ARPDAU, MAUs, D30 or any of the other standard KPIs are, how to measure them and whether that makes sense for Dead Cells… We’re paying attention.

  • Humaning skills: Preference for people peoples… Persons? This is a very very diverse role, we need you to be ready for (and excited about) 2 weeks of back to back meetings and glad handing while simultaneously longing for your spreadsheet software of choice.


Please note, that if we like your application, we will have a few small tests for you to complete, analytical writing with a little excel thrown in for good measure, oh and a timer. Of course.

If you make it through that, we're based in Bordeaux, France. So you will need to have a taste for croissants and moldy cheese. For the right candidate we'll provide significant help bribing French officials and blowing raspberries at those stuck in Brexitland.

*Also known as a Marketing Manager.

Keep Calm and waka waka...