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Total Eclipse PC

Verginas 28, Pylaia
Argiris Bendilas
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About Total Eclipse

At Total Eclipse we create fun, original, and addictive games that are easy to learn yet hard to master. We have a strong history of game releases, with 9 shipped games in 10 years, across different genres and platforms.Our purpose is to ‘Popularise Play’; we want to get more people to enjoy games as we believe that there is a potential gamer in each one of us.

This is a truly exciting time for Total Eclipse! We are growing, and we intend to become one of the top brands in multiplatform casual gaming. Are you ready to be part of a small and agile team with a great vision? Then keep reading!

Are we a good match?

Every new addition to the team helps define Total Eclipse’s future, so we want to make sure we would be a good match for each other.

We have many of the good qualities of a startup, such as low bureaucracy and a flat hierarchy, a flexible, open working space and a motivated, talented team which aims to make millions of people’s lives more fun.

We also have heaps of experience, having survived and thrived for years in a fiercely competitive environment. We embrace creativity, innovation, high quality, cooperation, teamwork and openness. We are not secretive; we enjoy exchanging knowledge not only among the team, but also with fellow game developers.

Our industry changes rapidly and we must always stay on the cutting edge. We thirst for knowledge and have a passion for honing our skills and improving ourselves. We are team players, and are looking for more nice people who enjoy working as part of a tight team. We also value constructive feedback; it is a powerful tool to help make us and our games, better.

If you think in a similar way, you will feel right at home working with us. Take a look at our current openings and get in touch!

Find out more about our company ethos here:!

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