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Who we are

Teleperformance is the global leader in outstanding customer experience.
We are the worldwide leader in multichannel customer experience. We’ve been providing superior customer care services for leading companies throughout the world since 1978, with expertise in many markets and verticals.
We work with people and for people to bring passion and excellence to our businesses like our own business. That is what we do. We transform passion into excellence.
With a large global footprint, we bring together best practices and experience from several countries worldwide combined with continuous innovation, the best mix of agents, efficient processes, intelligent analytics and strategic locations. This means rapid team assignment and a variety of solutions to provide a seamless and enriched customer experience wherever you need us.
We are moved by passion. It defines us. It motivates us. It moves us forward. And it is part of everything we do.

With an ever-increasing volume customer data being exchanged within the games industry, improved fraud prevention and processing services are vital. Teleperformance’s BPO Non-Interaction and anti-fraud services deliver steel vault-like security in managing back-office processes.
Teleperformance’s BPO Non-Interaction solution components include their best-in-class technology, continuously improved processes, people care training, platform integration and more, combining to deliver a customer care solution, optimizing your customers’ experience and confidence in your security system.
Teleperformance has a remarkable track record of growth and premium customer engagement management for some of the biggest names in games, providing multichannel customer care and technical support to both hardware and pure play companies across the globe.
Teleperformance’s expertise in multichannel engagement, extensive global reach, diverse labor pool, and vertical expertise lend the capabilities to create a tailored program to meet each of our clients’ specific demands and expectations, leading to stronger brand loyalty and an improved player experience.

Reasons to work with us

• Start a career in a successful company with great growth
• Being involved in projects for major brands in the world
• Meet people from various nationalities
• Develop language skills and soft skills in a multicultural environment
• Gain experience in a multinational company
• Excellent career opportunity in one of the biggest and best companies to work for in Portugal.

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