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Chris Speed
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Sector3 Studios is a Swedish PC game developer, experts in creating realistic racing experiences for high profile motorsport series like DTM and ADAC GT Masters. Sector3 is responsible for the development of RaceRoom Racing Experience.
Our aim is to create an innovative, inspired and productive work place employing some of the world’s gifted talent whilst keeping up with the ever changing challenges and demands the industry brings.
We’ll bring you the world of motorsport, all you have to do is drive.

Our clothes smell of grease and gasoline. Hair unkempt, and eyes red from lack of sleep, we study the art of racing. From nuts and bolts to ones and zeroes, motorsport is in our blood. Petrol heads, some might call us. Others geeks, nerds, weirdos, freaks, aficionados, and even addicts… and these names may very well be true, but we don’t mind. We’ve been called names before.

Amid the sound of whirring fans struggling to cool stressed CPUs, fluorescent lights flicker in a windowless studio and the environment is reminiscent of a garage. We come here from far off lands, but we are together one with a single goal. We are racing. We are speed. We are the everlasting desire of man to go farther, climb higher, and move faster.

Fingernails tap away at keyboards and a virtual world of racing forms and swirls from creative minds and bleeds down through fingertips, waiting to be shared with the world. We are back.

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