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Reflections, A Ubisoft Studio

Partnership House, Regent Farm Road
United Kingdom (UK)
Adam Knight
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Reflections' objective is to combine technical expertise, flair and innovation to create and contribute to successful and memorable games, and to cement its reputation as an industry leading studio within the UK and the world.

Proudly making games in Newcastle, UK for over 30 years. Collaborators on The Division, AC Syndicate, Ghost Recon and creators of Grow Up.

Reflections is home to lots of wonderful talent and the studio is behind plenty of fantastic titles.

Ravenskull, Codename: Droid, Stryker's Run, Shadow of the Beast, Ballistix, Shadow of the Beast II, Awesome, Shadow of the Beast III, Brian the Lion, Destruction Derby, Destruction Derby 2, Thunder Truck Rally (US) aka Monster Trucks (Eu), Driver, Driver 2, Stuntman, Driv3r, Driver: Parallel Lines, Driver 76, Emergency Heroes, Monster 4x4: Stunt Racer, Driver: San Francisco, Just Dance Franchise, Watch_Dogs, The Crew, The Division.

Obsessive, pioneering humans wanted - come join us!

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Vehicles Development Tester (124) Reflections, A Ubisoft Studio West Midlands
Vehicle Handling Designer (184) Reflections, A Ubisoft Studio West Midlands
Technical Artist:UI (169) Reflections, A Ubisoft Studio North East UK
Technical Animator (007) Reflections, A Ubisoft Studio North East UK
Senior Visual Effect Artist (189) Reflections, A Ubisoft Studio West Midlands
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