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Pole To Win Europe Ltd. is a localisation and linguistic services provider for the video game industry committed to delivering the highest quality translation services and professional localisation QA testing.

Our parent company Pole To Win is a leading QA company in Japan, with 20 years of experience on more than 6,000 titles for virtually every gaming platform and over 10,000 titles for mobiles.

Pole To Win Europe, located in West London, was founded with the aim of extending Pole To Win’s quality services to the video game industry, as well as other industries, throughout Europe and all across the world.

In its endeavour to raise the bar in video game localisation, Pole To Win Europe successfully combines a strong understanding of the video game industry with a unique working environment focused on improving the localisation and culturalisation process, while also finding the most optimal solutions for any and all interactive media.

Our Expertise Include:

Translation, Localisation, Loc QA testing, Subtitling, Console/Handheld games, Mobile/Tablet games, Social network games, Video games, Voice Over Recordings, Culturalisation, Functional QA, Compliance testing, On-site staffing, Focus groups, Linguistic services

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