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PlayStack is on a mission to reinvent games publishing. Our London-based business was founded on the belief that even the greatest developers need support in order to create their best work. We can offer that in three key ways: end-to-end funding, publishing expertise, and technologies that ensure we cultivate a strong playing community.

We’re proudly platform-agnostic. Our producers and product managers have world-class expertise across mobile, PC, VR/AR, and console.

As well as delivering strong business for our partners, we’re proud to hear great feedback from the teams we work with, who value our transparency and approachability. If you’ve spent as long working in games as we have you’ll know that publishing partnerships only thrive when there’s trust and commitment from both sides. That’s what we seek. Once we find that creative spark or flash of genius in a developer’s idea we fully support them throughout the entire production process. And although this sounds cheesy, we know how staggeringly tough games development can be, so we will be there through thick and thin to make sure each game reaches its full potential.

We support our developers with a whole range of services such as investment, soft-launch intelligence, porting, QA, legal, marketing, UA, and lots more. But we don’t like treading on toes - just tell us what you need and we will work to fill in the gaps.

If you’re working on a game that you feel might fit with PlayStack then get in touch. We will look at everything with an open mind and provide no-nonsense feedback.

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