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Playback Interactive

Stephen Lawrence Centre
39 Brookmill Road, Lewisham
United Kingdom (UK)
Simon Hill
Telephone Number:
0208 100 2817
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Playback Interactive was formed mid 2014 with the goal of producing high quality, innovative titles on mobile platforms.

Headed up by 6 key members, our core team is comprised of years of talent.

Primarily using Unity, we create games and apps for mobile devices and are well equipped to focus on quality from start to finish.

We strongly believe in rapid prototyping and user feedback to deliver the most enjoyable and immersive experiences possible.

Playback Interactive is based in South East London, close to the centre of London an area rich with video game development talent and an unrivaled creative vibe.

The studio is located in the Stephen Lawerance Centre, on the edge of Brookmill Park and Ravensbourne River.

We are over half way through the development of a sequel to a very successful mobile title for IOS, Android and Windows devices. We are now looking to expand and develop the company.

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