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Pixel Toys

Regent Square House
Regent Street
Leamington Spa
United Kingdom (UK)
CV32 4NS
Andy Wafer
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Pixel Toys create beautiful, rewarding entertainment experiences.


We will find the themes that global audiences can engage with, and reinvent them into exciting new game experiences which are graphically rich and provide gripping and rewarding gameplay. Our game environments will be beautifully realised, our game characters detailed and believable, and our audio and visual effects as rich as players will have come to expect from their most beloved console releases. We will create superior entertainment for mobile and tablet audiences, games which players feel are great value and are excited to play.

The founders bring over 30 years combined experience leading the development of premium videogame projects on a variety of consoles, personal computers and handheld devices. Together with an exceptional senior team, the studio’s vision is to produce truly ground breaking mobile entertainment.


Want to be a part of an exciting new, fun and rapidly expanding developer working in the new and wild frontiers of gaming? Are you excited about the big changes happening right now in the games industry? Do you want to work in a fun environment, with loads of opportunity, with like minded people where you can have a real impact on the games being made? Are you full of awesomeness? Then try us!

We’re on the lookout for talented people of all disciplines, so please send those CV’s now!

We’re looking for talented people at all levels of experience who want to be part of something special and are keen to join us at an early stage in the company.

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