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We are nDreams, a developer and publisher of virtual reality (VR) games and experiences. Our titles include the upcoming co-op brawler Bloody Zombies, the award-winning The Assembly, Perfect, Danger Goat, Perfect Beach and SkyDIEving. We’re also working on multiple unannounced projects.

Based in Farnborough, UK, and founded in 2006 by former Eidos Creative Director, Patrick O’Luanaigh, we quickly established ourselves as the leading publisher in PlayStation Home and as a developer of several major alternate reality games (ARG’s). In 2013, however, our focus shifted when we first got our hands on the Oculus Rift and Sony’s Project Morpheus development kits. We saw the future, fell in love, and there was no turning back…

We’re now the largest UK software developer to be solely focused on creating virtual reality entertainment content. We’ve honed our dedicated VR skills by creating multiple games and experiences for all the leading platforms. Multiple investments have enabled us to continue our rapid growth, enabling us to keep pace with our relentless ambition.

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