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MEGA Recruitment

1001 Bayhill Drive
Suite 200
San Bruno
United States of America (USA)
Jim Alary
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MEGA Recruitment is a new kind of recruitment firm that specializes in staffing for the video game and other digital and interactive entertainment industries. It was founded in 2015 by veteran game developers to match people in the games industry in a way that has not been done before: by calling on extensive experience based on actual development expertise.

Our CEO alone has 20 years of game development experience as a Director and has helped build entire teams at many start-up and well established studios. At MEGA, we know how to put the right people together to create a functional and successful team. This is not an easy task and there is an art to making it happen and that’s where we come in. With our extensive background in game development and team building we know what to look for to make that match. We know the right questions to ask and we know how to speak the language based on direct experience.

Having been game developers for so long and having dealt with recruiters as both Clients and candidates, we are well aware that what is missing with most recruiters is production knowledge from direct experience and a level of professionalism that should be a given. Without that knowledge and professionalism, any match is just a best guess. Most technical recruiters don’t truly know the proper questions to ask. They don’t truly know how to dig down into the technical details, they don’t speak the language and they do not understand the needs of the complex development process. Because of our direct development experience, we at MEGA Recruitment are uniquely qualified to provide a better experience and service to both our Clients and to our candidates. We can provide a level of service that you have not had before and we are in the unique position to help you succeed.

MEGA Recruitment: we are The Game Changer

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