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Loren Bucioglu
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+49 6103 50 19 78 0
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Limbic Entertainment is an independent game development studio based in Germany. Limbic develops and sells game software at both national and international level. The studio’s core competences are game design, as well as programming, hosting and maintaining online and client games. Since Limbic was founded, the company has released more than 60 product versions published in more than a dozen languages. Currently, the focus lies on the development of PC games based on Unreal4. Limbic´s last release was the TBS game “Might and Magic X Heroes VII” and the accompanying standalone add-on “Trial by Fire”.

How we work

We at Limbic work as a team in a very friendly working atmosphere. Our flat hierarchies make it easy for everyone to contribute their own ideas and to act out their professional ambitions. We acknowledge proficiency as well as we offer chances.

We want our employees to broaden their horizon. Playing other games in order to analyze how they work, discussing game design, watching colleagues building levels, talking to coders about the complexity of a fight system – all of this is not only possible, but explicitely encouraged.

Good planning is important to us. We draft our games together, estimate how long everything will take and make a schedule. And then we work hand in hand in order to meet our deadlines. While we love our jobs, we also love to play. Therefore, we organize network gaming sessions at our office from time to time, and there are dart competitions as well as Magic gatherings. Some of us also like to cook their lunch together, and our lunch break barbecues are legendary.

We make games because we love games. Working in the games industry is our passion, because we want to create impressive and fascinating game worlds.

Who we seek

We are looking for someone who loves games just like we do. We want people for our team who like challenges and enjoy being creative. We want our team members to share our philosophy and identify with our company. If you realize that making games is more than "just a job", then you might be just the right person to join our cause.

We are looking for inventive minds who want to help us in creating unique and impressive game worlds.

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