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The Haufe Akademie is one of the leading institutes for professional development in the German-speaking countries. The training offered by the Haufe Akademie is geared towards the qualification requirements of companies of all sectors and sizes.

We are optimisers

Our actions are characterised by the need to optimise our offerings, our services and our processes, so that qualifying and developing the necessary competences is as easy as possible for you.

We are innovators

In our endeavour to facilitate your development, we are always looking for unique and relevant products, themes, and ways, with which we can smooth your path to success.

We are mentors

Beginning with your consultation, through to implementation and learning transfer, we support you in concentrating on the essentials so that – your qualification success – comes easily.

Our core competences: innovation, simplification, empowerment.

More than 270 permanent employees are working hard every day for your success. Our trainers and consultants share their feedback with our product managers directly. In this way, we are well-positioned to realise constant quality improvement, as well as the early identification of customer needs and ultimately, optimal service design. All these factors facilitate your own further development and the further development of your company.

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