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Big Head Games

Studio 2, Burnham Studios
7 Burnham Street
United Kingdom (UK)
Recruitment Team
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0208 547 3532
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Big Head Games was established in 2008 as a mix of developer for third parties and publisher of own IP. In May 2011 BHG completed it's last work for hire project (Mortal Kombat on iOS for EA ) and took the bold step to become an independent publisher of digital download games.

Having had a hit on iOS with International Snooker BHG released a new edition IS2012 on iOS in December 2011 and through 2012 will continue to release it on a variety of platforms including PC, PS3, Vita and Xbox.
BHG have recently opened a development studio in Newcastle, headed up by the Creative Director Adam and will this year continue to recruit to build a multiplatform development team there.

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