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The Middle East is a region distinguished by a wealth of history, inspiring heroes, and a diversified culture that appeal to people worldwide. Further more, the Middle East is home to the world’s largest young population with over 150 million people under the age of 29, making the Middle East a region full of potential and promise.

To unleash the Middle Eastern youth’s potential through creative and entertaining media, and modern technologies drove me to found Aranim Media Factory.

Our mission goes far beyond history; it speaks of the future. We are committed to providing the youth with inspiring role models and bring positive change to the Middle East through state of the art creative and entertaining media such as comics, animation, games and film.
As a company, we pledge to uphold certain values that will best serve the interests of our customers and our business partners. These values are creativity, integrity, passion, and organizational effectiveness.

I hope you can join me in my efforts to provide the youth with the inspiration to dream the impossible, and the courage to live it.

Suleiman Bakhit – CEO/Founder (Aranim)

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