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186 00 Praha
Lucie Main
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Hi! We're About Fun s.r.o., a Prague-based game developer, and together with EA and Chillingo we are the name behind WarFriends; a competitive, real-time online shooter that’s been taking its share of the gaming community across mobile platforms.

Our journey to conquer the mobile screens began in 2012, and until today we’re striving to bring our players high-quality and entertaining mobile experiences that they can enjoy anytime, right at their fingertips. You may have heard of us; we’ve released 5 games so far, and we’re far from done!
We pride ourselves in the ownership of many prestigious awards (for example Apple's Best of AppStore 2013), but what holds the greatest corresponding value are the excellent ratings from our players and millions of downloads of our games.

Our spacious offices are located in a beautiful location in Karlín, Prague 8, close to the riverside and 10 minutes walk from the city center. There are countless places and opportunities to chill out, learn, work and play, and most importantly, to have fun. It’s all About the Fun for us, after all.

We’re 30 people enjoying our daily (or part-time) work that is both challenging and engaging. We keep growing together with our apps and their communities, so we’re always looking for new talents to join our dream-team. If you’d like to learn more about us and if you think you have what it takes, check out our website for openings and come join forces with us.

P.S.: We’re not afraid of long-distance arrangements, either!

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