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360 Studios was founded by 'the Veteran Voice of MMA' Bruce Buffer and one of Bruce's long time advisers and digital entrepreneur. Both are passionate about MMA and Games.

Bruce Buffer has been personally involved in some of the top fighting games ever, including the 1990's hit Ready 2 Rumble. This time he wanted to do something different, with top MMA Teams, Gyms and Fighters.

360 Studios incorporates their decades of experience and passion to push the boundaries of Social Games by adding real world elements and connecting achievements in the game with achievements to gamers in real life.

It is our belief that Social Games are ready to take the next leap in their evolution. Not only do we see the same games being playable on multiple devices, on multiple platforms, but we also see the bond between the real world and the virtual world becoming stronger... blurring the edges of reality and what happens in game.

By adopting and pioneering this approach, we are not only producing games that allow you to play with your friends across a network, but also benefit YOU in the real world, from your achievements in the game. In the same respect, as the real world evolves, so does the game itself.

Through our unique network we are introducing real fighters, coaches, gyms and other MMA professionals to the gaming world, together with YOU, our fans.

Our philosophy is simple - to bring together real achievements, statistics and other influences, together with great games on multiple platforms, blurring the edges between reality and digital.

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