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14 Dec 2018


Did you know that 70% of jobseekers are passive. That’s right, according to a report on Recruitment International, 70% of people looking for a job are waiting for recruiters to actively approach them.

The proactive ones are the people that will draft up their CV and actively go out and apply for jobs. They will find their perfect role, register on job boards, work with recruitment agencies and hunt down their next opportunity.

Passive job seekers, on the other hand, may have done this in the past, but are now waiting for the right talent acquisition member to contact them because they have the right skillset for the company they are looking to work for.

Passive Candidates

So why am I writing about this when I have a job board full of candidates looking for jobs. If 70% are passive, that means I only have 30% of the market, right?

Well partly. Not everyone will have heard of just yet, but that isn’t to say they won’t. What it does mean however, is that people who have been looking in the past may currently be sat in a job waiting for that call from a recruiter telling them they have found their old CV on our gaming job board.

What better way to boost their confidence than with a call from a game studio recruiter saying that their skills match one of their vacancies.

So how can help?

Well, we have a resumé database packed full of gaming talent. Programmers, producers, artists, animators and marketers from all over the world. It’s a gaming talent database with varying degrees of experience, from fresh uni grads looking for their first gig, right up to C-level execs with years of experience in the industry. Some are looking now, but some may have been looking back in 2012 and could well be passive jobseekers today.

To make things even easier for you, we index LinkedIn profiles. If the candidate has registered their LinkedIn profile, you can access their up-to-date info even if they haven’t updated their GJD profile for a while.


Do you want access to our CV database? Then contact Jamie Clarke today at or call me on +44 (0) 1302 247227

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