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Relocating with SockMonkey

30 Jul 2021

Relocating with SockMonkey

The past year has been full of challenges for everybody, including SockMonkey programmer Fran who moved his entire life back to Spain during a global pandemic.



What drew you to the gaming industry?

"I have always loved the logic of programming. I was good in physics and mathematics at school. I started taking some mobile programming courses and when I was resolving and planning problems time passed very quickly and I felt great satisfaction.

Although I enjoyed mobile programming, when I discovered the world of video game programming I fell in love with the giant world of possibilities and the challenge of creating complex systems while also being creative."


What is your role?

"I am a programmer, but this in itself is a broad role that covers everything from optimizing, to creating systems for designers to use. Since joining SockMonkey my main role has been to optimise and port games to Xbox, but lately I have also been working more heavily on gameplay."


What has SockMonkey done to make you feel more comfortable?

"I’ve always felt very comfortable at SockMonkey. The people are very welcoming and have helped me learn a lot about the industry and programming. Whenever I have an issue, work related or otherwise, they have always done everything possible to improve my situation and understand my perspective."



When you moved for work did you have any help from the studio?

"Originally I’m from Spain and when I moved back there the team at SockMonkey were really supportive. I understand that It’s not always easy for a company to support a teammember when they leave the country, there has to be a lot of trust on both sides, but SockMonkey did everything in their power to make the move as comfortable as possible and that’s something I will never forget - just like the painting Bob (CEO) gave me when I lived in Teesside in Middlesbrough."


How did you settle in your new surroundings?

"It’s been great to be back with my friends and family, but I definitely miss my life in Teesside. I’m hoping when things are safer I’ll be able to head back over for one of the SockMonkey parties!"


Was there anything you found harder about moving?

"It was a bit of chaos to move all our things and find a way to get to Spain with the Covid situation. But for me it has been more difficult on an emotional level. I have been living in England for three years and the change when I returned to Spain was huge. I have had to adapt again to how different life in Spain is... I'm still at it."



What’s your favourite thing about Teesside?

"Even though I live in Spain now I actually miss the weather in Teesside (not winter, haha). I also miss the office and seeing my colleagues in person. For me, my fiance and our dog Bollo, Teesside really was our second home."


Is there a game that got you into gaming?

"Yes, Fallout 3. It's definitley the game that fuelled my passion to study video game programming, that feeling of immense freedom, with that music, and talking about you on the radio really made me go back to video games because in my adolescence I barely played video games."


Is there a game you’re currently playing?

"I always enjoy tactical card games like Magic or Gwent. I am passionate about role-playing games and a game that I have been enjoying recently  is StoneShard, a turn-based tactical role-playing game with a good story and atmosphere."



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