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The best Video Game Programming Languages

18 Jul 2021

The best Video Game Programming Languages

Are you a developer looking to work in video games? Or are you currently looking for a new role? Either way, your first port of call is to make sure that you are working with a programming language that works, if you’re not sure which one you should be actively working with, we’ve got just the ticket.

Read on to find out which programming language we believe you should have under your belt.

You can check through our active listings on our job board here and you’ll find that the top programming languages are as follows:











Above and beyond the leading programming language that a high majority of studios are looking for is C/C++ - Covering over half of the current live job posts!  The language is clearly top rated as one of the best video game programming languages and appears in many job titles such as Graphics Engineer, Tools Programmer and Backend Programmer just to name a few.

Next in line for most demanded programming languages is C# - This is becoming more and more popular for game development when using game engines such as Unity 3D.  Whilst we’d agree that C/C++ is the most demanded requirement and therefore the most ideal to have when you’re actively searching for that new role, C# is always a bonus and if you have the time and ability, it’s always a great programme to have under your belt.


A great programmer is someone who can learn as many new languages as needed, which is why you’ll often find job posts stating more than one – flexibility is key!


Reviewing all the other languages seems to show that even though they may be lesser used, there is usually highly specific tools or technology that a studio has invested in and require someone who can successfully use the lesser-known languages with ease, making it even more important that you read the job description carefully.

So, without shadow of a doubt, if you’re not currently in the know of C/C++ or have yet to pick up a programming language – this is the one to go for.  It’s not only the top of the list when it’s come to video game programming requirements, but for the longer term, it will benefit you across the board in all programming-based job titles for the foreseeable future.

That being said, it’s not a priority to make sure you learn C/C++ first as learning any programming language will help you become a software developer and some of the others may be easier to learn. 

If you’re looking for a particular job title, we’ve listed a few below to make your search a little bit easier!


Tools Programmer

Graphics Engineer

AI Programmer

Backend Programmer

Java Developer

Python Developer


For a more general view, check out these Programmer jobs.

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