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Finding your discipline - Part 2

30 May 2021

Finding your discipline - Part 2

We’re back with part 2 of our new series in which we’ll be looking at some useful tips to help you find your perfect role within the video games industry.


The video game industry is understandingly popular and has fast become the largest section within the Entertainment industry.


Whilst the industry undoubtedly has its barriers to entry, many have stated that they often enter the industry in a role that they find was not ideal for them and quickly make the move to a more favourable area.


Discovering which discipline within video games is right for you can often be confusing and a difficult choice.  But we’re here to help.


In this piece, we want to look at what you WANT to do. 


If you’ve followed us from Part 1, you’ll have already thought about what hobbies you have and what disciplines you should be searching for to match your current skills. (if you haven’t read part 1 you can find that here).


Create a list

Now, we need to take a look at your more professional skills.  It may be the case that when you initially put pen to paper, that you can’t think of anything in particular, if that’s the case, why not start looking at your schooling history.  What subjects did you really excel in?  What subjects were you excited about? 


Once you have a list, you can match the subject with current roles available in the market.  For example:


English – Marketing, Public Relations, Copywriting and Community Management


Art – Character Artist, Animation and 2D/3D Animator


Information Technology – Network Engineering, Security Analyst


Maths – Data Analysis, Software Engineer and Game Development


Languages – Localisation and Translation


And so on…


It may be that you didn’t like school and your strengths are led more by any extra activity you have been involved in.  Do the same activity as above, and match roles towards the skillsets you have gained.


All in all, you want to be looking at transferable skills you have gained from either activity.  Things such as Team Management, Organisation or Communication.


The baseline of this activity is for you to understand and pinpoint what you really excel in and what you enjoy doing.  Once you have your list, think about what makes you excel in each area – do you have a specific skill? Have you developed any particular Personality trait such as Competitiveness?


Once your list is completed and you have a baseline for what skills you have and actively use, what you like doing and what personality trait or experience you have gained from each activity, why not apply these to a particular role.  You can find over 3000 roles on our website.  Simply click a role that seems suitable and apply your list to the job description!


Be mindful, it’s easy to think that because you would like to do something, that it is the ideal role for you.  If you really want to work in the video games industry but have had no experience with the required software, then unfortunately, you have to be realistic that it’s unlikely you’ll succeed in applying for particular roles.


The above is not to discourage you, but to simply make sure you’re utilising your skillsets.  Whilst you may not be the ideal person for a programming job, there’s nothing stopping you from applying to a concept artist position if you have a great eye for art.


How we can help

As one of the leading global video games jobs board, we have over 3000 live jobs available from all over the world, ranging from entry level to senior positions.


If you know what you want already, why not head over to our jobs page, enter your ideal role, the locations you’re looking for and click enter!  If you haven’t already, make sure to set up and complete your profile to make sure you’re ahead and that studios are able to have full visibility to find you.  Don’t minimise your chances of grabbing that ideal role!


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