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Finding your discipline - Part 1

23 May 2021

Finding your discipline - Part 1

We’ve come up with a new 3 part series in which we’ll be looking at some useful tips to help you find your perfect role within the video games industry.


The video game industry is understandingly popular and has fast become the largest section within the Entertainment industry.


Whilst the industry undoubtedly has its barriers to entry, many have stated that they often enter the industry in a role that they find was not ideal for them and quickly make the move to a more favourable area.


Discovering which discipline within video games is right for you can often be confusing and a difficult choice.  But we’re here to help.


As one of the leading global video games jobs board, we have over 3000 live jobs available from all over the world, ranging from entry level to senior positions.


With that being said, let’s get into what you came here for.  Help on finding your perfect role!  We’ve put together a few questions for you to ask yourself when looking for your next role.  Don’t miss out on the full series, be sure to make sure you’re registered on the site and have completed your profile to REALLY get yourself seen by hiring studios!


The first thing we need to discuss is are you asking yourself – ‘What do i actually WANT to do?’

The importance of knowing exactly what you actually want to do is so important and whilst it is usually the first thing on people’s mind when looking for a job, it’s often answered with broad answers such as “make games” or “work in the games industry” etc.


Try to streamline EXACTLY what you want to do within the industry.  Think about what you want to be doing on a daily basis, is it speaking with the gamers? if so, maybe community management is the way forward.  Maybe you prefer being able to draw and design the characters? Think about becoming Lead Artist.


There are so many different disciplines available within the industry that the importance of really honing your skillset and what you would love to do every day will help you develop your ideal role.


Decide what part of the gaming industry interests you most and what fits what you would like to do and focus your job search within those particular areas.


If you’ve got this far and are still struggling to weigh up exactly what you want to do.  Think about what you do in your spare time.  Are there any activities that you specifically enjoy?  Are you part of a team sport or maybe even the captain who has strong leadership skills?  Do you work on creative projects and use various software that could help you in a long-term role or maybe you’re a pro with data and code? 


Once you find your niche, incorporate this as part of your job search when looking for your ideal role.


Think about exactly what you would like to achieve for your career and formulate how you can achieve this within a chosen area of your choice.


As we have over 3000 live jobs on site in over 41 countries, we’re more than confident that we have the role you’re looking for in the location you prefer!


If you know what you want already, why not head over to our jobs page, enter your ideal role, the locations you’re looking for and click enter!  If you haven’t already, make sure to set up and complete your profile to make sure you’re ahead and that studios are able to have full visibility to find you.  Don’t minimise your chances of grabbing that ideal role!


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