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"Behind the Games" - Senior Software Engineer

13 Apr 2021

"Behind the Games" - Senior Software Engineer

Behind the Games with Deniz Aldogan

Name: Deniz Aldogan

Job Title: Senior Software Engineer

Company Working For: Wargaming Sydney

Years of experience: 19 years of industry experience, 4 years of which is in Wargaming 


Hi Deniz! Thank you for sitting down to chat with us today.


Firstly, how did you get into the industry?

Games that I had been playing before and military projects in which I gained experience on serious games inspired me to get into gaming industry.


Wow! That’s fantastic, you started as a gamer originally! So, what is your favourite thing to work with/on?

Application of machine learning on problems in the gaming domain.


And what major projects have you worked on while at Wargaming Sydney?

Game Server, Web Services and Machine learning projects.


Sounds busy! How would you describe the culture at Wargaming Sydney?

Friendly, helpful, inspiring and uplifting, a culture that ensures you stay focused and motivated!


Seems like a great culture. So, what would you say is the best part of working at Wargaming Sydney?

No day is boring! There is always a challenging task that will excite you if you are game to take on!

There’s always something new to learn, an interesting topic to discuss, an opportunity that reminds you of what a privilege working at Wargaming is.


And what types of career development opportunities have you had whilst working at Wargaming Sydney?

I got to work in a spectrum of topics in the gaming domain.

I have also had the chance to improve my skills in areas I was keen to focus on such as performance and scaling. I’ve been able to gain hands-on experience with different game engines and adopting software development best practices has always been useful.


If you were able to, what advice would you give to your younger self on how to get into the games industry?

Find your passion, connect with people interested in gaming domain, improve your designing and coding skills, learn more than you apply, explore more knowledge than the knowledge you exploit, join groups, conferences, meetups, learn together,

listen to podcasts, talks, tutorials online, always keep yourself up-to-date and take courses from online education platforms. Oh, and always keep an up-to-date portfolio showcasing your projects and keep coding!!!

What exciting things are coming up for you at Wargaming Sydney?

I have started to work on a project that will enable gamers to share their unique experiences in the most magical way, stay tuned!


Lastly, is there anything else you would like to add?

Wargaming is one of the coolest places to work for where you get to work on the most thrilling projects in gaming domain. Your adventure starts even while preparing to be a candidate.


All you need to begin this journey is a curious mind and an adventurous soul, you got this!


Thank you again Deniz, you’ve given some really good information and Wargaming sounds like a fantastic place to work!


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