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20 Apr 2021


"Behind the Games" with Milad Zarrindokht


Name: Milad Zarrindokht

Job Title: Gameplay Programmer

Company Working For: Kwalee

Years of experience: 8 years


Hi Milad! Thank you for sitting down to chat with us today.


Firstly, how did you get into the industry and what was it that interested you?

Like most of the people in the industry, I loved video games from the very beginning. The idea of being able to make them was phenomenal for me. I also loved programming for totally different reasons, so it’s amazing how all these came together.


Wow! Programming is definitley one to get you started! So, did you have to get any paricular qualifications that are relative to the role?

I studied software engineering at college and then dedicated so much time to learn how to make games. It’s a long journey, but if you love games as much as I do, it’s all a blast.

There are shorter ways to do it, though. I’d recommend taking a programming course (to make sure you’re getting a grasp of it before jumping into making games), then starting to learn a game engine (like Unity) and you can pick up the rest while making games.


And are there any particular software/hardware/systems that you use?

I mostly use Unity. It’s amazing the amount of content out there for it; tutorials, examples, assets, you name it. It’s a wonderful engine.


How big is the team you work with?

Pretty large. Around 150 talented people work here, including more than 30 programmers, mainly UK-based but increasingly dotted around the world with our growing teams in Bangalore and Beijing. I work remotely from Iran and we have more fully remote team members in Turkey, Brazil, Philippines, Pakistan and many more! It’s great to be part of such a global team.


How would you describe an average working day?

Kwalee is an amazing place to work. The hours are flexible, so you can almost do your job at any time.

Usually, you’re involved with one or more projects. In the morning, you need to talk to other people involved in the project to see what’s needed to be done. You start doing your part and every couple of hours share the stuff you did. You get some feedback and go at it. That’s pretty much the routine for the entire day.

Check out this video of the team for a lighthearted introduction!


What advice would you give someone looking to get into the industry?

Make something happen. There is a lot of great free content on the internet. Start learning. Make something. Even if you don’t have a very unique idea or know how to implement intuitive controls or have amazing visuals, still make it. Publish it if you can. You’ll learn a great deal from them, and they actually open doors of opportunity for you.


What would you say is the best part of working at Kwalee?

Working with a number of talented people in a vibrant environment. It makes all the difference who you work with. In my opinion, working alone is the worst idea. You need a lot of input, a lot of feedback from others. What’s better than getting this from professionals?


Is there anything up and coming in your business that you would like to let us know about/promote?

Individual projects are too fast-moving here to talk about specifics, since every day is like a game jam, but as a developer I’m always eager to share the word about our ‘Creative Wednesdays’. This gives everyone at Kwalee, in every department, the chance to pitch their own game ideas to the company every week.

It’s a lot of fun for everyone and it’s really unique to be at a company that truly values the creativity of all its staff like this.



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