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"Behind the Games" - Software Engineer

11 May 2021

"Behind the Games" - Software Engineer


Hello, my name is Maria Torralba and I am currently working as a Software Engineer at Gameloft. 


Hi Maria! Nice to meet you! Before we get started, are there any particular games you've worked on that you would like to mention?

 I would love to talk about all the amazing games that I worked on but sadly I cannot because of NDAs, as expected in this industry. What I can say is that we are working on amazing stuff and I am super excited to see them released.


That's understandable - we can't wait to see them released either! I bet you're super excited! So what was it that got you interested in working in the video game industry?

Since I was a little girl I've always loved logic challenges and creative processes so I feel in my natural habitat making video games. Even in my spare time I continue coding and sketching my personal projects.


It's great to see someone so dedicated! Did you complete any particular courses to get where you are today?

I have a degree and a master in Telecommunications Engineering (Computer Science + Physics) and gathered some years of coding experience in other industries. I know that learning to code can be challenging but believe me it’s worth it! You will create logic palaces that behave the way you want - it’s the closest thing to being like Howl from Howl's Moving Castle!


You make code sound so exciting! It sure is hard to learn, but agreed, it is satisfying to complete a project.  Is there any particular software that you work with daily?

We mainly code everything in C++, our IDE is Visual Studio and we work with our own engine, tools and libraries.


So how large is the team you work with?

My current team is formed by 7 software engineers and 3 interns. We are the ones building the logic part of the game but, of course, there are many more teams involved like Game Designers, UI, Engine, Art, QA, etc.


Team work is always rewarding! So have you had any opportunities to travel whilst in your role?

Because of my role as a coder, I don't have a lot of opportunities to travel but I remember one specially. One month after joining Gameloft, we went to European Women in Tech in Amsterdam. I learned a lot in those conferences and it really helped me to grow as a professional. It was an amazing work trip.

If you could, how would you describe an average day?

We gather each morning to discuss the current situation of the features, resolve any blockers and then we proceed to work on the assigned tasks. My daily challenges are very different so I have the chance to work with very different departments and learn things outside of my comfort zone which is something I enjoy a lot. As we finish working earlier on Fridays, meetings are discouraged so you can focus without interruption on your tasks.


And what advice would you give to someone starting in the industry?

My advice is to be resilient and keep working on your goals. Always ask for feedback. If you fail, you will learn exactly what was missing and if you succeed, there is always room for improvement.


That's really great advice! So what would you say is the best part of working at Gameloft Barcelona?

The best of Gameloft is the people inside the company. We are open to help, to explain and to collaborate, teams are trying to give their best and to make games as cool as possible. The learning opportunities are unmatched.


And is there anything else that you would like to mention?

I would like to mention Women Who Code. Through all these years that I have been working as a developer, I have never had the chance to work with another female. I think that this topic deserves all the attention that it can get!

Keep Calm and waka waka...