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GamesJobsDirect.com is now firmly established as the leading independent job board in the video games industry.

Since our launch in July 2011 we've helped over 440 companies hire talent, generated over 110,000 job applications and attracted over 30,000 registered candidates.

Every day, we give studios across the world the tools they need to reduce their cost-per-hire and fill critical roles. Just read our testimonials!

Candidates use our site to connect directly with employers, learn about their studios and projects and secure interviews.

In 2016 we also launched Games Industry Salary Survey, a unique new service providing accurate salary and benefits data for the global video games industry. This helps job seekers assess their market worth and studios benchmark their remuneration packages.

We take a genuine interest in every client we take on, we work hard to promote your studio and your projects and we are 100% committed to delivering results.

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