A few more things you might like to know about GamesJobsDirect.com

  • We are not bolted on to a news publishing website. We are a specialist, independent job board platform built to make your job searching and recruiting easier. No other job board in the Games Industry can match our functionality and usability.
  • All job postings added to our website are removed after 6 weeks, keeping them fresh and current. Some sites leave them on for months to keep the numbers up, but we won't name and shame them ;-)
  • All inactive candidate profiles are removed after 6 months, what good are thousands of out of date profiles to a busy recruiter?
  • We are not overpriced and we never will be. Our objective is to offer more value - better results and better service for less.
  • We are the only truly "global" games job board pursuing a proactive growth strategy in Asia, the Middle East and emerging markets as well as the UK, Europe, US and Canada.
  • We like Krispy Kreme Donuts if you want to send us a box. 

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